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The Rules for “When a friend tells you they have a crush on someone” are the same for Time Travel. 

Don’t change anything. 

More than likely, your meddling will ALWAYS do more harm, than help. 

A Christmas Carol = The Original Inception?

What if the beloved Charles Dickens story was just like the Chirstopher Nolan movie Inception, just told from the other point of view?

The 2010 summer blockbuster “Inception” was a movie about a “Dream Thief” who was given an offer to instead of stealing an idea, but to implant an idea into someone’s mind. And with a team, they manipulated and convinced their way into the victims mind and planted this idea. (SPOILER!)


If you want more information about inception click HERE for the IMBD page. 

Now relating the two, A christmas carol is a story about the cold hearted Scrooge hating Christmas, and giving NO mercy to his fellowing employee’s. He is later visited by his former partner, and three ghosts (Past, present and future) which changes his mind about his lifestyle and his attitude about christmas. 

What if someone had performed “Inception” on Scrooge? His employers? They would have a motive.

The idea they had implanted into scrooges mind is to “Love christmas” or “To be a better person” or even, “Be the complete opposite of yourself”. This would guarantee that no one would work on Christmas, and everyone would be much more happier at work.

The four ghosts may have been crew members of the heist, and disguised themselves to help plant this “idea”. Just like in “Inception”, they had an Architect, and 4 Fence’s (A shapeshifter, an impersonator, people who would be able to steal an identify to use it against the victim. The Architect would be the designer of the images Scrooge would see and the Fence’s were his closest friend, Marley, and the three ghosts: Past, present, and future. These 4 figures would represent: a lost friend would is a voice of reason in Marley. The past who would show the compassion that was possible in scrooge. The present who would show how he is wrong. The future who would intimidate Scrooge, showing consequences. 





But we would never see any of these ghosts together. Possibly because they had gone into each others dreams. Creating a very deep layered dream (4 to be exact) where after every time he believed to have woken up, it was just another dream being created and another idea being implanted.

And they succeeded, Scrooge had woken up and became a totally different person. 


Charles Dickens had written Inception from the point of the view of the victim.

Darkness approaches …

With halloween fast approaching, doesn’t it seem like the spirit of it is very little, or none at all. As a kid growing up (Not even that long ago), and even till now, I love halloween. It may be my festive side, or just the fact I enjoy dressing up, but I believe this should be a holiday enjoyed by everyone, ESPECIALLY kids. 

And I will be staying away from the fact that this holiday is now an excuse for people to dress provocative. Hence, Hawhoreween. Anyways. 

For adults, its a time of nostalgia. It’s time for us to pay our dues as kids, and give the kids of the future a scare and some candy. Dress up, be home, decorate the home, and give candy away. But of course in this economy, it’s too expensive to buy all this stuff and go out of your way to give up some time. Time is money after all. And keeping a yearly tradition alive is not in the to-do list. But, thats the problem. We’re so into the problems of today, that we don’t see that by simply not turning on your light on Halloween, we’re killing this wonderful day.

For kids, it’s a time of imagination. Be who you want to be, roam the streets free, and be rewarded with candy. It’s a child’s paradise. Freedom, mischief, and candy, Oh My! Isn’t that all we want as kids, a day to have unlimited freedom, away from parents, and have what we want. We dress who up as who we want to be, a doctor, a ninja, a scary man in a mask.We play these roles. And for a day, we’re no longer a child. But anything we want to be. But somewhere along the line, kids just stopped being kids. Halloween became a tedious task. It’s too cold, it’s too late, it’s not worth it, it’s not scary, excuse, after excuse. The magic stopped. The idea of freedom as a child became a task, no longer a privilege. And kids stopped being images of imagination. No doctors, ninja’s or scary men in masks. But, sexy anything (Yes, I had to mention it), or specific real life people. And let me tell you what’s wrong with that. You dress up as one of the people from jersey shore, and THAT’S IT. You dress up as a clown, and you become that clown, its past, present, and future is in your hand. Creativity, and imagination are endless with costumes. 

But, what could save Halloween? Maybe a mascot. You look at all the other major holidays: Christmas, Easter, New years. They all have some sort of fictional character whom people can refer to. Santa, Easter bunny, New years baby, Random Ghost? Doesn’t quite have a good ring to it. 

Halloween is hanging on to a … cob web. (No?) and who knows how long this holiday will last. People celebrate Cinco De Mayo more than halloween, Yes, Mexican Halloween as people refer to it. Although, MANY people have no idea what this holiday is all about. But they do just love dressing up as the “Day of the Dead” designs. Anyways, i’m going to do my part.

Carve a pumpkin, and hand out candy. 


not really. But awhile back I posted about how I helped my make-up artist cousin for a zombie shoot she needed to get done.

I found out last week that the pictures they used in my shoot are now printed on an advertisement in some subway stations. SWEET. 

If you live in Toronto, Ontario, check out Queen Station and see my ugly face:

Also go to TheatrixCostumehouse facebook page and see what the BEST costume store in Toronto has to offer. 

I have a SUPER urge to play N64

I think i’m going to go buy one. With, Super Smash Bros, Mario party … 2, Conkers Bad Fur day, and Pokemon Snap. 

Definitely going to do this.

Fuck new years resolutions.

I feel like I make these stupid lists that are super impossible, and every year it’s always, “There’s always next year”.

This year i’m doing it different.

I just had my birthday last Wednesday, and i’ve decided to make an age resolution. This way, I can’t be like “next year i’ll do it”. Instead it’s like “Fuck, i’m ___ and I didn’t do this yet”. 

I, somewhat feel more comfortable with that. 

Hold a door open.

It’s an easy way to be polite. 

My birthday is coming!

September 12! 

Oh yeah, Iphone 5 has their launch party that day too.

I don’t look to make the next Juno, or eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. I don’t use fancy camera angle’s and slow motion to emphasize what’s happening in a scene. I don’t want to compare myself to polished styles and methods of famous editors and directors. I don’t want to make something that’s not me.

Because in the end. Art is self-portrayal. 

I get ideas and write them down. 

I get inspired and write them down.

I get that book. And create.

Because even if you don’t make the most mind-provoking art. That doesn’t mean your doodles won’t brighten up a day.

Because even if you don’t make the notebook or inception. That doesn’t mean making vulgar jokes, and blowing stuff up isn’t bad either.

Because your music doesn’t reflect a hard life, nor a glamorous one. Doesn’t mean we won’t call you, maybe.

Art is you. You are the world. 

And the world needs art.